Do you ever get the feeling that leagues work like the scene of Indiana Jones when he’s being chased by the giant ball, and ends up grabbing his hat through a closing door at the end of the run?

Let me elaborate.

In England, Arsenal and Liverpool have started the season playing exciting football, taking the hearts and mind of the public and running away from the giant balls that are Chelsea and Manchester City – winning games rain or shine, grinding out results and pursuing the more flamboyant teams inexorably.

The race to freedom then, means that those teams in front, with their gloriously Harrison Ford chiselled faces, are trying to keep that ball as far back as they can knowing that, come May, they’ll be reaching back through the doorway knowing they will either grab, or fail to grab, their hat.

It is the same in Germany as Dortmund and Bayern battle it out, and Italy, where Napoli and perhaps Roma are trying to keep Juventus at bay and Spain, with Athletico fending off Real and Barcelona.

Does that make any sense?

The French league is different. They have no heroes.