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Have you looked at Scotland’s bottom tier since Rangers got promoted out of it? I guess maybe not. This is a shorty, really, saying ‘I can’t believe how tight it is’. Two graphs. One of points gained so far (simple stuff) and one comparing teams’ average PPG to the division above.

First up, the points graph.


Tight, huh?

Now, I didn’t know if that was normal or not, so I looked at a comparison between the average PPG of Scottish League 1 and Scottish League 2 and where teams’ in each position fitted around it. I cannot believe that only two teams are further than 0.2 ppg away from average in SL2 – or rather, with this many games gone, only two teams are more than a point (and a bit) away from the average. (East Stirling 2.14 and Queen’s Park 0.14 – both compared to 1.39).


Obviously Rangers skew SL1 a little bit, but there’s still far more variety there. One to keep an eye on, then SL2. That is phenomenally tight.