These are, perhaps, a little less serious overall than the previous ones. All could do with answers, though.

• Why are there no laugh tracks on films?
• What were the Germans thinking when they decided on ‘kaninchen’ (dog + little) as the word for ‘rabbit’?
• Wouldn’t it have been easier for the three little pigs to co-operate and build a house big enough to fit them all in in the first place?
• Who threw a pizza pie at Dean Martin (or the chap who wrote ‘Amore’)?
• At the beginning of Any Dream Will Do, how did Joseph see anything, for certain or otherwise, after drawing back the curtain given that he closed his eyes before doing it?
• If you threw duck into a river to feed ducks, would they eat it?
• Are we really at a linguistic point where a café can offer ‘Spag bowl’?
• What do you call a moving cupboard with pencils and pens in it?
• Whose club should you have joined if you didn’t care about chocolate on your biscuit?
• How do you ‘aff’ somebody, and how come some people are able to take it?
• Why does nobody remember the Venerable Bede?
• From which film/TV series did one of the characters go up to a small canine and shout, in a Mancunian accent “Your dog’s head is tiny! Its doing my head in!!!”?