Here’s a load of questions that I don’t know the answer to. They’re not all riddles, though some might be. You might know the answer if you’re something of an expert in that particular field. Let me know if so, and I’ll credit you with knowing – a virtual applause type of thing. These questions are all things I have asked myself, or other people, in the last week. An inquisitive mind is a good thing to have.

• How do they freeze dry coffee?
• Why don’t Trebor make Lemon Mints any more?
• What do you add to sand to make glass? (Or ‘Why aren’t beaches sea-through?’) • Why did the Egyptians build square-based pyramids instead of the more aesthetically pleasing triangular-based ones?
• Wouldn’t it be easier if we just all used the same time, and (for example) the USA slept between 4.00 and 11.00 – what does it matter what the numbers say?
• What do they do with the holes out of Polos now they don’t sell them? • Who decided what order the alphabet goes in?
• How come different peas look so different?
• Why do I always type ‘that’ instead of ‘than’ and have to correct it? • Why is mint the chosen toothpaste flavour?
• How come it is alright to say ‘Bayern Munich’ when the two words are in a different language? (It isn’t ‘Olympic Marseille’ or ‘Manchester Unitée’)
• ‘Snake’ is used to describe a queue, when ‘worm’ is far more accurate, given the segmental nature of a worm and differing size of worm-parts. Why?
• If you talk about the end of the world, where would the matter that makes up the world go? It cannot cease to exist, thus the world cannot end, just end (as R.E.M. sang) as we know it.
• Is Beyoncé left-handed? If not, wouldn’t she be better putting things in a box to the right?
• That Dutch family whose calendar I have…why would you use such an appalling collection of photos to make a calendar?
• Are three or four prongs better on a fork?
• Do they only make croissants in one size? (mini-croissants excluded, because they’re mini-croissants)
• Why can’t people pluralise properly? (Rule of thumb. Its many tours of one France, not one tour of many Frances)
• Without looking, can you remember any of the storylines of the Mr Men books, or just individual scenes?
• After somebody says ‘You snooze, you lose’, why don’t you reply ‘You sleep, you keep’?

So, yes. Any answers you’ve got, feel free to comment, reply, tweet or get in contact some other way. Thanks in advance.