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Something I like to do at this time of year, is to pay attention to those players whose contracts have expired and will be leaving their current clubs. I know I have friends who do the same.

My challenge to my readership then is as follows. Pick a team of comprised of those players. XI men, who move on from their present clubs for nothing over the summer, not because they’ve engineered a move, but because they’re unwanted.

If you contact me on Twitter, or as a comment here, I’ll set up a little game seeing whose team does the best in 2013/14.

Your limitations are simple. Use any (arguable) formation for them, and make sure there’s 11.

That’s all.

Anywhere in the world, any player, but he has to move on, for nothing, between May and September otherwise he won’t count (thus, someone who re-signs, even if at reduced rate, would be invalid for point scoring).

You have all summer. Good luck.

(I expect 2 entries including mine)