While I’m not disposed to write anything this week, I thought it might be wise to drag some personal writing up from the past. My initial plan was to post full entries, but I think they read like individual episodes of some personal soap opera, so I’ve diluted them into parts. There’ll be a couple of these posts over the week, so enjoy. They might tell you something about me, or at least me as I was 10 years ago and kept a diary.

“I hate the fact that I ALWAYS get really nasty library fines. I can’t avoid them, I keep getting stuff out on the wrong day for me to take it back. I owe another £3 today” – 13-06-2004

“Spain impressed with their play if not chance creation and chance taking and Russia looked dangerous enough to suggest their game with Portugal will be the pivotal one in the group. Greece look like dark horses, and 1 more win will be enough for them, so pressure is really off. Cats amongst pigeons in Western Iberia, then. Cats amongst pigeons” – 13-06-2004

“Second half, France, like some irked bee, were all over England, but, unlike the bee, for France to strike would NOT be fatal.” – 13-06-2004

“I dreamed about throwing about a bowl of soup into Robin Cook’s face screaming “THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IN INDIA WHERE MOHATMA GANDHI IS SACRED!”. It worried me a great deal” 01-10-2004

“I’ve now got a red sauce (not tomato sauce, its Aubergine based, but a sauce, and red) all over my bed, and I await the discovery of the red wine stain to accompany it.” 13-08-2004

Well, that makes me look good, doesn’t it? Greece, a dark horse at Euro 2004? Red, aubergine sauce stains over my bed….