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Wah wah Michael Appleton wah wah Venky’s wah wah Brian McDermott wah wah Reading.

There’s been tomes written about good managers and good men being seemingly cut off from doing their job before they even started doing their job.

Most recently, Venky’s have dispensed with Michael Appleton after 67 days in the job proved he was no better than 63 days of Henning Berg. Blackburn are a pig circus on the wane.

Then we have Billy Davies, who took back over at Forest and immediately started pulling up Trees.

Of course, 92 clubs changing manager 103 times in 12 months is pathetic. For a number of reasons.

1. Managers need time to build a team. Give them chance, and they might put something good in position. It WILL take time, and have teething problems on the way. It needs a longer term view.
2. The amount of teams changing manager repeatedly seems to err towards the Italian, but more pertinently, suggests we have reached a point where everybody knows the man in the dugout is just a potential scapegoat, ready to be replaced when the word untenable is mentioned.
3. There must be a massive swathe of managers being paid by clubs they are no longer working for. Way to greet austerity, chairpeople.

There is a quick, easy and straightforward way to remedy it.

The Management Window.

If players’ movement can be limited as such, why shouldn’t regulation be put in place to stop clubs moving on managers, or vice versa, except at elected times (Summer and January would make sense).

Yes, sure, managers would still sign contracts with other clubs for later (see Pep Guardiola at Bayern) but the longer run of games would bring about larger sample size to work with, so giving a truer impression of influence, and snap decisions would be limited.

Papers could still be sold on the strength of ‘Xxx will be sacked in January’, but he would get chance to turn it round through October, November and December first.

What could go wrong?

Gus? Gus? Oh, OK. Enjoy Reading.