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Alan Lee v Brentford (Jan 22nd 2012)

Alan Lee is, from what I have heard and read, a lovely bloke. Off the pitch, you couldn’t choose to meet a lovelier man, as Ipswich and Palace opinions reflect. However, on the pitch is different. He might not be the most blessed footballer, but he’ll put in a shift, run the hard yards and get stuck in.

He is not, its fair to say, a delicate flower on the field. He’s not quite a Sodje level flailer, but arms and elbows are regularly dished out with very little regard.

Richard Lee, in this match, found that out to his cost, as Alan Alan gave Huddersfield the lead in a way that still rankles with the Bee contingent. A ball in the air is fair game for striker and keeper alike, but Alan certainly took liberties in the amount of reasonable force with which he kept Richard from the ball as he put it in the net.

I have to admit, after it went in, there was a period of assuming the goal had been disallowed, refusing to let the brain think it stood because it was a trick. It did stand, though, and Alan became a pantomime villain in a certain corner of West London.

Alan Lee – forced.