A few months ago, I was delighted to notice our satellite box had started to pick up S4C. Not that I speak any Welsh, or have any affinity to the nation save a strange obsession with Aberystwyth and a long-standing fondness for Connah’s Quay Nomads.

As time rattles on, that delight has been heightened. Not only do we get the Saturday match (live football, on a Saturday afternoon! Admittedly, too often TNS and oddly frequently Port Talbot Town) but Monday gives us the delight of, to me, the true Sgorio.

10.00pm on a Monday has become something of a routine now. I ought to add now that living with a cantankerous old budgie helps here, because I watch in silence, so knowing what was being said isn’t an issue. But 10.00 the WPL highlights, the Conference of Wrexham and Newport, assorted other games from around the country, even a bit of Spanish league action is mine.

I love the WPL. The standard isn’t great, but it has the feel of early European qualifiers every week. There tends to be an ex English league bod knocking about too.

Sgorio isn’t for everyone. I realise some folk prefer the Bundesliga. For me, though, being able to see 5 minutes of Aber 1-1 GCQ reminds me of why I love football, reminds me of the game away from all the money and glamour.

Next time it gets to 10.00 on a Monday, give Sgorio a chance. You might just enjoy it. I do.