Apologies that this is a second Huddersfield-related post in a row. Its a more general point, highlighted by Huddersfield this week.

Long ago, Huddersfield played Wycombe at home It was, coincidentally given the week we’ve had, live on Sky. Huddersfield won the game 6-0, but the game is more memorable for a cameo by young striker Theo Robinson.

With the victory already assured, Theo set about trying to get his goal with the bug-eyed desperation of a man possessed. Contniually taking the ball on, releasing shots from all over, and trying so hard it hurt to get his name on the scoresheet.

He succeeded eventually, tucking away a penalty but that match lived long in the mind of our fans. Theo was written off as wild and wasteful, despite having a better goals to shots and goals to minutes ratio of the other strikers.

It would be wrong to suggest he was hounded out of the club, but there was no great sadness when he left for Millwall. Ostensibly, his replacement was Alan Lee, who is a very different animal, and far less clinical in front of goal.

Now, Theo has returned, some years after the fact. He has continued to be the player he was, but there’s a frisson of excitement about his return.

I think this is a reflection on what he was. In a very, young, exciting and attacking Town side (Pilkington and Rhodes were the stars) he was a livewire up top. That team were genuinely a pleasure to watch and, though their naïvete cost them in the end, the season is remembered fondly.

Having had a few seasons of stagnation in terms of attack, Theo’s return opens a window onto that team, to that excitement, and to the possibilty of those days. I feel a buzz about today’s game that I haven’t for a while, and there’s a spring in my step.

Theo Robinson is not Lionel Messi. If he scores five goals between now and May I would be happy with his return.

As it is, his return has reminded me of a season I enjoyed, and given me hope that I might enjoy the end of this one. Welcome back, Theo. There’s a lot riding on it.