Occasionally, I write other things elsewhere. I contribute regularly (or as regularly as I can; I still feel something of a novice in their arena – it tends to be one or two articles a week; I hope to do more as time progresses) to Forza Italian Football most recently a report about Lothar Matthaus. I can only recommend it as source of Italian football news, though there’s never quite enough about Rolando Bianchi for me. The podcast they do is brilliant, too, as well as the club focus pods we hear from week to week.

I also, from time to time, contribute to various football forums, most particularly New 606. My most recent post there was a preview of the Watford v. Huddersfield Town game which took place yesterday, written as if Watford was actually Udine. It was well received by Watford fans and Town fans alike, which is always nice. Only mention it because my prediction therein was pretty well on the money.

Just thought I’d let people know where else they might find my serious and…not so serious… writing.