That’s right. I’m going to give my predictions a code for the CAN, and take it just as seriously as I did my European Championships predictions. Expect this to follow a similar route, too. Small stakes, small rewards, hopefully end up in profit by the final in February. I’ve considered my approach long and hard, and I think I’m going to follow this route. Using my traditional wish to not stake more than 50p on any specific match (I work with a small pot) so I think I’ll divvy that up into 10/10/10/20 – the first three for the element of the scorecast, and the latter for something specific each game. Ideally, it will only take one of those to come in to post a profit, so hopefully I should be able to manage that <i>most</i> games. Certainly, I have done that in the past and, then, any scorecasts that come in end up taking the pot up quite a way.
I ought to flesh out the reason I stopped before. It was, simply, an error on my part. Instead of putting 50p on the third bet, I wagered £5, which, when it didn’t come in, left me somewhat scuppered, as it was pretty much the balance of the account. I waited, knowing the CAN was starting, and could work here. So here we go.