I saw the Six Word Film Plots meme on Twitter earlier today, and couldn’t contain my excitement. Immediately, I fired off a volley of films (starting with a film that doesn’t exist yet based on a story in today’s Guardian). I realised I couldn’t stop, so here is the overspill. Feel free to enjoy/mock/answer (I’ll post the answers at a later date) or append with your own suggestions. My general taste in films is either the particularly old, or the more modern animations. I ought to point out, also, that I’m not a film student; so they’re not all classics (not all good, to be honest). I also realise that a lot of people don’t actually like football, which provides a lot of my posts, so maybe this can represent for those people. My initial plan (I have written 9 as I write this) is not to do too many. I may fail, and you probably won’t want to do them all whether I fail or not. Oh, and I’ve seen all these films – I didn’t want to do any I hadn’t. Anyway, good luck!

1. Moody footage of mercurial French footballer.
2. Ditzy female proves her legal expertise.
3. Urchin rejuvenates Meliès after repairing automaton.
4. Le Voyage Dans La Lune occurs.
5. Train enters station at La Ciotat.
6. Egg and feline reingratiated into society.
7. Juvenile Claus earns unexpectedly heroic triumph.
8. Gargantuan subterranean serpents wreak rural havoc.
9. Incompatible friends forced to live together.
10. Vehicle in absentia brings about adventure.
11. Endearing homosexual successfully teaches schoolboys history. 12. Youthful quest for protected pirate’s booty.
13. Decline of charismatic and successful pugilist.
14. Workplace frustration begets miniscule embezzlement farrago. 15. Unexpected wish outcome brings happiness, sadness.
16. “Is this heaven?” “No, its Iowa”.
17. Ruffian Detroit policeman in Los Angeles.
18. Mad scientists unwittingly unleash prehistoric pandemonium. 19. Estranged holiday lovers back together later.
20. Romance blooms between opposite garden ornaments.
21. Lifetime friendship begins behind prison walls.
22. Seduced man silently wins wife back.
23. Asteroid landing party save the world.
24. Massive ape goes on lovelorn rampage.
25. Distress of feminine schoolboy gradually unfolds.
26. Capital of England depicted in documentary.
27. Indian game show winner gets girl.
28. Video message causes panic and death.
29. Revolutionary baseball thinking brings about victory.
30. Orphans repeatedly tormented by villainous noble.
31. French prisoner attempts escapes. Eventually succeeds.
32. Mother and daughter defraud horny men.
33. Moody French footballer’s spirit rescues fan.
34. Sporting tournament encapsulates Rainbow nation’s pride. 35. Apian new job disaster narrowly averted.
36. Documentary about elderly Cuban music makers.
37. Desperate unemployed Sheffield miners try stripping.
38. Scientist and schoolboy travel in time.
39. Teutonic dictator rages against dying light.
40. Railside romance left perfect by couple.
41. The New Testament; now with singing.
42. Gold extracted from Alpine Italian city.
43. Familiar woman vexes man with identity.
44. Playthings forge friendship after initial animosity.
45. Isolated cabbie’s mental state disintegrates spectacularly. 46. Youngsters cheat death. Death catches them.
47. Silent stars struggle, singing, into talkies.
48. Unlikely oriental visitors grow slowly closer.
49. Absentee schoolboy has day of life.
50. Rick Moranis eventually destroys overbearing plant.
51. Pecking order at borstal changes violently.
52. Remarkable equine survives hardships of battle.
53. Voyeuristic handyman enjoys unusual work day.
54. Beach terrorised by dentally endowed visitor.
55. Training and racing of celebrated equine.
56. Tortuous last few hours of Messiah.
57. College football team battle bravely onwards.
58. Enforced climatic exodus of prehistoric creatures.
59. Hoodlum reborn during cross country runs.
60. Motley West Indians undertake brumal sport.
61. Indian family resists daughter’s footballing desire.
62. Life turned into a reality show.
63. Female pugilist, unfairly crippled, ebbs away.
64. Two children enchanted by invisible spirit.
65. Jury thoroughly debate a murder case.
66. Raccoon steals food. Eventually gains family.
67. The same joke told many times.
68. Three friends reconvene for surfing competition.
69. Australians make pet a local hero.
70. Man makes his home in airport.
71. Heterozygotic siblings grow up unexpectedly different.
72. In depth progression of American Mafiosi.
73. Alien appears. Earth overreacts. Alien leaves.
74. Outlaw vulpine archer wins noble Maid.
75. Juvenile gangster loses control of territory.
76. Father has personal odyssey regaining children.
77. Father swims Earth looking for son.
78. Actor visits shop once. Staff obsess.
79. African royal adapts to American life.
80. Stubborn money lender refuses alternative remuneration.
81. Radioactive arachnids terrorise small American town.
82. Humble news reporter saves world. Again.
83. Evacuees rule fictional land within furniture.
84. Triumphant return of spectre destroying quartet.
85. Cross dressing musicians fall for blonde.
86. Iranian children watch football on television.
87. More than century of spotted dogs.
88. Invalid schoolboy wins magical sports day.
89. Father shields son from prison camp.
90. Shambolic dog helps in mystery solving.
91. Group overhear story, go visit corpse.
92. Nazis force Polish virtuoso from Warsaw.
93. Early career of Rolling Stone journalist.
94. Misleadingly named gemstone stolen, found, retrieved.
95. Documentary about Brazilian motor racing driver.
96. Kitchen looks forgivingly on talented rodent.
97. Sister kill themselves over a summer.
98. Civil war veteran undertakes treacherous journey.
99. Wartime inn keeper controls African city.
100. Posh gent battles crime in cape.

And as a tie-breaker, you can have the Six Word Film Plot that was tweeted to me as I readied to post this.

“Sprout faced man on sinking boat”