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I got involved in a Twitter discussion the other day with a good friend of mine and Gabriel Marcotti, about whether the Champions League being televised had a knock-on onto league attendances on the same nights.

So I had a look at two clubs who had been pretty consistent in their league position, and analysed all their weeknight attendances (televised or otherwise) for the 2000/01-2012/13 seasons – Brentford and Oldham. Here’s the graph, divided into nights when there was Champions League games and nights there wasn’t.


Interesting the divide there, no? Certainly warrants more investigation (it will get more – I’m planning to look at all teams who have been only in Tier 3 and 4 for that period). Here’s another quick graph showing which CL teams were playing – why were they all watching Chelsea instead of Oldham? (Small sample size comparatively to the other teams, is why)