Have you been following the fortunes of Morava Ćuprija this year? I imagine so, but you might have been looking after children, or working in a Mexican restaurant and missed it – this will be old news to you.

Playing in the Srpska Liga (Serbian League) East, they had a satisfyingly binary start to the season, being pretty good at home and pretty good away from home. The Srbski Liga games are generally on a Sunday, and Morava’s games followed that suit, and became more and more…well, predictable…as time went on. On 16th November, they played Radnik Surdulica at home. All hell broke loose, froze over, and Morava lost. It was a Friday. The following Sunday, they were away from home again, and lost again. They did not play this week, and their next game is away. It is on a Sunday; read more about them (in Serbian) here if you like.

Here’s that run represented in colours – the Friday game is in darker red.