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It’s a long way to Lecce, from wherever you are.

Its somewhere I’d love to go – I’ve read a lot, and seen a lot, of the architecture and the features of the area – and has been for many years; sadly, the closest I’ve been so far is Bari. Of course, the flip side of that is that it’s a long way from Lecce, too. Since finding themselves relegated to Serie C1 for match-fixing claims in a Puglian derby with Bari (I won’t comment on that), Lecce have played 13 games and sit top of the league, which is nice for those of who follow.

Something was brought to my attention the other day (thanks to OptaPaolo); there’s a very definite split in the games they’ve won, and the games they haven’t. You get used to Lecce performing better at home than away (the journeys are never nice that long either way, so favour the home side) but this season there’s a little bit more to it thus far. Here’s a graph. The amount of games is the blue fleck (obviously, inclusive of home games – 6) and the average points per game is represented by a stripey bar. So…excepting the games played between 1000 and 1200 (indeed, more accurately, between 1020 and 1085 kms) away from home, Lecce have won them all.


Those four games were, coincidentally, all in Lombardy – two were drawn, two were lost.

Lecce are at home this weekend. I’m not saying anything, but I can see what the graph says. Being who I am, I can see the exact opposite (points per game, as ever) in this graph, showing month by month progress. Lecce have played in December.


Something else, of course, is worth thinking about. The journey in that 1200 km bar is to Cuneo; did they fly there, rendering the journey length null, or is it a specific Lombardy problem? Time will tell.