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Great Derbies Of Our Time: Torino v. Juventus Part I – 09/02/1913
Short Tales of Previous Editions of the Derby Della Mole, leading you into Saturday’s game

Let me take you by the hand and lead you to a simpler time, back the Piazzo d’Armi in Turin during February 1913. Torino came into the derby against Juventus on the back of a 6-1 defeat at Pro Vercelli the previous week, though in the Andata fixture in November, they had beaten the Bianconeri in their own back yard by eight goals to nil – Mosso (III) doing most of the damage and bagging five of the eight, so its fair to say there was a frisson of excitement in the air in February.

Torino, in their claret shirts, started the game ‘better’ than Juventus; the swift forward line causing countless troubles in their visitors defence, and flew into an early lead. The game, its probably fair to say, had exploded into action. By twelve minutes in, Torino were four goals to the good – Debernardi (II) already having a hat-trick under his belt. After half an hour, Juventus had pegged them back to 4-2 and it was stretched back out 6-2 by half time.

The game seemed to be marked by these swathes of scoring – each team made the best of their spells of pressure and seemed unable to score goals one by one; though it is worth mentioning that, in the flurry of goals, the Torino keeper Morando made more than one vital stop – particularly towards that end of the first half as Juventus’ players produced chances borne out of the dribbling ability they had.

It was, as so often Juventus had found against Torino up to this point, all in vain. Torino led 7-2 by 52 minutes, and, though Juventus had the better of the second half – it was 7-6 at one point, the 11,000 strong crowd never really suspected the effort would prove fruitful. Debernardi (II) ensured that was the case as he put away Torino’s 8th of the afternoon after 87 minutes. Bollinger, who had previously played two years with Juventus, found his switching allegiances was the right move.

Eight goals to six remains the highest scoring Derby Della Mole and, despite the 0-8 earlier in the season, seems the best place to begin this look back at Turin Derbies of the past.

Torino 8-6 Juventus
1-0 Debernardi II (7), 2-0 Debernardi II (8), 3-0 Mosso III (10), 4-0 Debernardi II (12 – HT), 4-1 Ayers (20), 4-2 Comte (28), 5-2 Debernardi I (41), 6-2 Bachmann (45), 7-2 Debernardi II (52), 7-3 Poggi (65), 7-4 Poggi (66), 7-5 Ayers (74), 7-6 Poggi (82 – HT), 8-6 Debernardi II (87).