We are into a new football season now, and a lot has happened (I’m particularly excited by the Champions League draw – expect a post about that in the next few weeks) that has brought about ideas for posts, and things I want to comment on. I’ve been pretty busy throughout that period, though, so I’ve done a few posts on HTAFC, but haven’t finished anything since I wrote a post about penalty kicks just after England were eliminated by Italy which, annoyingly, I misplaced a graph for and never retrieved it.

Though its relevance is perhaps questionable now (some two months hence) the findings were pretty interesting, and will remain accurate for the time being, so I will endeavour to bring life into that over the next few days. As every match is played in this new season, new things, new ideas and new numbers appear (Torino’s staunch defence over their first two Serie A games has been a favourite) which allow me to suggest things to myself.

What I’m saying, then, is, that the post about Puss In Boots will not be the most recent post on this blog for much longer. This is 2012/13, and its time I got fully involved in it.

See you soon.