Apologies for the long break between updates, my statting computer was hit by a virus, so I couldn’t get everything onto it. It is recovered now, though, so I can give you a lovely update. We’ve seen lots of…well, that’s a lie. There’s been about four winners since I last updated. Because so much has happened – and not been predicted, I won’t tell everything, but England seem to be quite predictable; as do Germany. Look out for those two in the quarter finals, then (and particularly if they meet in the semis).

So, as it stands

@Marco4J – 39 pts
@Gillgrl1966 – 84 pts (and proving the value of getting a scorecast correct) @Jonny_11 – 48 pts

I have it all to do and, given how much I favour the Greeks, tonight probably won’t be my night either.

A full update will arrive over the weekend – as well as a post about Euro 2016; graphs that work, and all sorts. Thanks for sticking with me.