Yesterday’s Holland v. Germany game took us to a point of being exactly half way through the group stages – and seeing as I missed the predictions being posted (I worked late, and got awful signal on the train) – I might as well use this point as a taking stock of what we’ve done so far. Last night saw, for the first time this tournament, someone getting a scorecast correct – @GillGrl1966’s 2-1 first goal Gomez coming in – and points seem to be coming thicker and faster now we’re settling into Euro 2012.

As much as I’d love to spread this post out for a long time, and I could do, I think I’ll leave it as two simple graphs. This first one is a line graph with the points gained so far by the three players on it; looks bad for me, no?

The second is a bar graph with the average odds of each players’ choices – the black bars are on the axis to the right; the coloured bars are to the left. It becomes, I would say, more obvious why I’m doing so poorly though I would say, in my defence, I’m making my choices first then adding the odds to them – I’m not chasing long odds.

And, of course, here are today’s predictions (120/1? Why is it so long? Italy looked like a team who might win a game 3-1 against Spain and Cassano is dangerous)

@Marco4J – 24 pts

Italy 3-1; Antonio Cassano FGS
22/1 – 9/1 – 120/1

Spain 3-0; David Silva FGS
8/1 – 9/1 – 35/1

@GillGrl1966 – 72 pts

Italy 1-0; Antonio di Natale FGS
11/2 – 13/2 – 28/1

Spain 3-1; Iniesta FGS
11/1 – 9/1 – 60/1

@Jonny_11 – 38 pts
Italy 2-1; Antonio di Natale FGS
17/2 – 13/2 – 40/1

Spain 4-0; Iniesta FGS
12/1 – 9/1 – 60/1