I watch a lot of football, and I like to think I’m pretty good at it. The easiest way to test this theory out is at the major tournaments, and luckily we have one approaching now – Euro 2012.

I proposed, amongst my friends, a prediction game based on something I did at Euro 2008. Every game that was played, I placed a bet on the correct score, the first goalscorer and a scorecast of the two. Each bet was for 50p, and I ended up about £70 in profit by the end of the tournament. It seems a reasonable way of running things, and I’ve asked my friends to get in touch with me with their versions of the same.

This time around, we will post our predictions before each game, and I will score each player according to the odds at a set bookmaker – each ‘prediction leg’ being worth one point. The winner, of course, will be the one with the most points at the end of the tournament and, ideally, me. In an ideal world, I’ll get the predictions posted to the blog before games, but if I can’t (work, perhaps, might get in the way), then I’ll do it as soon as I can. I will ensure predictions REACH me before games, for sure.

Anyway, quick Introduction to your contenders.

@Jonny_11 lives in Yorkshire and supports Huddersfield Town. He will be supporting England throughout the tournament, but has a natural tendency towards the Dutch, so he might wind up dressed in orange by July 1st. There is a very real possibility I will see some of the games in his company. He would probably reply to you on Twitter.

@Gilgrl1966 lives in Kent and supports Gillingham. She will be supporting England throughout the tournament, but should that end in tears, has been known to enjoy the Italians from time to time. I will almost certainly see some of the games in her company. She might reply to you on Twitter, but she might not. Take your chances.

@Marco4J lives in Kent and supports Huddersfield. He thinks he will be supporting Greece throughout the tournament, but he isn’t sure yet. He will be running a prediction tournament on the page you’re currently looking at and will watch all the games I do in my company, unless he can work out some way of detaching his eyes from his body before the games start, which looks unlikely at this stage. He will more than likely reply to you on Twitter.