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If you didn’t see the drama of Spain’s relegation battle unfolding on Sunday, you missed out. I won’t ruin the ending for you beforehand, I’ll just post the last half-hour of the league in minute-by-minute graph form. One for points, and one for league position.

Again, if you’re unaware, Spain decides league position first on points, then head to head record, then goal difference.

Here are the graphs – you should be able to bring them up full size by clicking on them.



I’m no Villarreal fan, but I thought (as I’m sure countless others did) that they would get it together to survive. However, it didn’t work out that way, as you can see above. It must have been horrible for their fans, watching it all inexorably slip away – having that feeling of doom take over late on. And next season they’ll be in the second division.

Also in the second division next season, the Miracolo at Lecce fell short. Less drama in Serie A, as you can see. I have to say, the spirit really fell out of the fight the weekend before, with the 0-1 home defeat to Fiorentina. There was something of an inevitability about losing against Chievo on the weekend. So Lecce back into Serie B. Hopefully they won’t be sharing with Torino – though the defeat at Pescara was disappointing, it isn’t terminal.


Other football miscellanea from the last couple of days.
* Following up from the Grande Torino stats; Real Madrid ended with a goal difference of +89, which is +2.342 per game (38) – exactly 0.342 better than Torino’s +92 over 40 games from 1947/48.
* Stevenage’s fans sing the Tetris music. Just thought I’d mention it.