My name is Marco, and I write about football. I assume you’re here because you’ve read some of the things I’ve written about Huddersfield Town, or the grey wasteland they find themselves in (League One); that’s something I’ve been doing for a while, first at HTAFC In Numbers (another WordPress blog – find the archives HERE) and then I was invited to contribute to the Examiner’s One Up Front blog; an offer I jumped at.

Since then, I’ve written a couple of pieces for the VitalFootball Huddersfield site, and for TheSeventyTwo.com; all around the same club as a theme.

This blog is designed to be a repository for when I want to branch out from those ‘shackles’. Sometimes I want to write things that aren’t about Huddersfield Town, or League One, but I didn’t have anywhere I could do that until now. So that’s what I want to do here. I imagine they’ll be articles primarily about football; that’s what I do. I’d also expect reviews of sporting events, and probably some photographs of those I attend – a sort of ‘my life in sport’ concept. As such, I don’t expect every article to appeal to everyone – if a particular article doesn’t to you, then try another. I can’t promise something for everyone, but I can try.

As ever with anything I write – I welcome feedback. Either comment here, or reply to me on Twitter (@Marco4J) or even e-mail me HERE (frominsideright@gmail.com). I’ll endeavour to reply to every one and have even been known to write posts as a result of points that people have raised with me in comments. In other words; all opinions are mine, and if you wish to agree or – more likely – disagree, then I’m open to correction.